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Electronic Health Records

Document Management

Attach documents to patients, providers, referring doctors, insurance plans and employers.

Document Management

Three levels of document management:

1. Internal Documents

Documents that are generated by MDsuite, e.g., statements, insurance forms, patient documents, and EOBs created during electronic remittance. Whenever a statement or insurance form is generated, it is automatically stored. The document may then be viewed either by clicking on the billing entry in the Patient's Ledger or by locating the document in the Patient's Document section.

2. Insurance Cards and Driver's Licenses

These require purchase of a scanner and scanning software from 7 Medical. Scanners may be purchased with or without OCR capabilities. Insurance cards and driver's licenses may automatically be placed into the corresponding patient coverage or demographics screens. If OCR capabilities have been purchased, then certain fields such as policy numbers can automatically be placed into corresponding MDsuite fields.

3. External Documents

Documents such as scanned pages, Microsoft Word or Excel Documents, PDF files, etc. that can be attached to an MDsuite object. This is an optional feature. Consult with 7 Medical for pricing.